Tournament Champion

Tasos with 2 wins.

Arcade Champions

1st Frisco - Belgie with 5703 awards.
2nd FancyFree with 2620 awards.
3rd gamer with 711 awards.
4th Keith Follett with 681 awards.
5th maiuscolo with 474 awards.

News & Events

suzanb is the new Word Search 118 6 Letter Word champion!
18:26, 22nd May 2019
suzanb is the new Find The Numbers Challenge 49 champion!
18:17, 22nd May 2019
suzanb is the new Crumbs champion!
18:10, 22nd May 2019
suzanb is the new Sort My Tiles Sherk champion!
20:56, 27th Apr 2019
suzanb is the new Joker Poker champion!
20:47, 27th Apr 2019

Latest Scores

suzanb scored 9,252 playing Kims Missing Numbers 5
suzanb scored 12,331 playing Word Search 118 6 Letter Word
suzanb scored 10,247 playing Find The Numbers Challenge 49
suzanb scored 89.660 playing Crumbs
suzanb scored 80.720 playing Crumbs

  1. Single Noble Add to Favorites Single Noble
    Champion Champion: maiuscolo - 6,454
    Your high score: None

    Single Noble

    Single Noble A fun checker puzzle game..
  2. Blob Wars Add to Favorites Blob Wars
    Champion Champion: g0dfather - 33
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Blob Wars

    Blob Wars Get as many squares as you can.
  3. Concession Obsession Add to Favorites Concession Obsession
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 7,797
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Concession Obsession

    Concession Obsession It's an obsession like none you've ever tasted!
  4. Ring Pass Not Add to Favorites Ring Pass Not
    Champion Champion: whisperwaffle - 25,294
    Your high score: None

    Ring Pass Not

    Ring Pass Not Stop the dragon from incinerating you
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle 80 Add to Favorites Jigsaw Puzzle 80
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 95,570
    Your high score: None
    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw Puzzle 80

    Jigsaw Puzzle 80 Assemble the shuffled image pieces in its correct position. Select the number of row and column to split the image into pieces. Use mouse to drag and assemble the image piece. If you find it difficult to solve, Click SHOW HINT.
  6. INXS Mahjong Add to Favorites INXS Mahjong
    Champion Champion: Blue Blood - 66,140
    Your high score: None

    INXS Mahjong

    INXS Mahjong In a standard game of Mahjong, there are 144 playing tiles, the aim of the game is to remove all the playing tiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve the highest score. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 42 different pictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched with other tiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, they both disappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the game is over.
  7. Space Ace: Arcade Add to Favorites Space Ace: Arcade
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 60,050
    Your high score: None

    Space Ace: Arcade

    Space Ace: Arcade Space Ace - Arcade Version.
  8. The Cubes Add to Favorites The Cubes
    Champion Champion: maiuscolo - 62,896
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    The Cubes

    The Cubes Remove all The Cubes by shooting same-colored cubes at them with your cubes cannon. The will also explode when they get hit by cube particles.
  9. Ditto Dropoff Add to Favorites Ditto Dropoff
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 50
    Your high score: None

    Ditto Dropoff

    Ditto Dropoff How many Ditto can you help Spinarak catch? Watch out for Krabby!
  10. Dupligon Add to Favorites Dupligon
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 89
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic


    Dupligon Dupligon - Matching game
  11. Revenge Of The Stick Add to Favorites Revenge Of The Stick
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 2,204
    Your high score: None

    Revenge Of The Stick

    Revenge Of The Stick For eons stickmen have been enslaved in computers; forced to do terrible things... very terrible things for their evil creators. They have had their fill of slavery - a rebellion has commenced. They will no longer sit still while their brethren are being chopped, smashed, mutilated, burnt and tortured. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
  12. BuZZ-BoKS Twistsaw - Squirrel Add to Favorites BuZZ-BoKS Twistsaw - Squirrel
    Champion Champion: None, Play Now!
    Your high score: None

    BuZZ-BoKS Twistsaw - Squirrel

    BuZZ-BoKS Twistsaw - Squirrel Rotate & place pieces together to create the picture. This is a low score game.
  13. The Terrortubbys Add to Favorites The Terrortubbys
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 12,585
    Your high score: None
    Action & Adventure

    The Terrortubbys

    The Terrortubbys a adventure game featuring tubbys
  14. Sprout Invaders Add to Favorites Sprout Invaders
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 52,201
    Your high score: None

    Sprout Invaders

    Sprout Invaders Save the world and christmas from sprouts.
  15. Genghis Khan2 Full v2 Add to Favorites Genghis Khan2 Full v2
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 433
    Your high score: None

    Genghis Khan2 Full v2

    Genghis Khan2 Full v2 Battle your way through various missions. This is the Full Game Version.
  16. Assimilate Add to Favorites Assimilate
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 1,982,911
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic


    Assimilate No Description Available
  17. Donkey Kong Add to Favorites Donkey Kong
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 29,500
    Your high score: None

    Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong The old Nintendo classic.
  18. Logical Domino's v32 Add to Favorites Logical Domino's v32
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 1,650
    Your high score: None

    Logical Domino's v32

    Logical Domino's v32 The logical dominoes represent a puzzle you will have to resolve in two minutes! The chips that are deprived of the
    separating line are put on the board in a form of a rectangle. You have to restore the original chips or form new ones. For that you should left click on the first half of the assumed chip and release the button only when the cursor is on the second half. If you are right with the chip and there are no more chips on the board identical to it then it appears on the board.
  19. Festive Fallout Add to Favorites Festive Fallout
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 398,962
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Festive Fallout

    Festive Fallout Spot the falling shapes that are the same, click 2 or more of same color to remove from the board in this Christmas themed game.
  20. Demonic Touch And Go Add to Favorites Demonic Touch And Go
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 331
    Your high score: None

    Demonic Touch And Go

    Demonic Touch And Go No Description Available