Tournament Champion

Tasos with 2 wins.

Arcade Champions

1st Frisco - Belgie with 5725 awards.
2nd FancyFree with 2626 awards.
3rd gamer with 713 awards.
4th Keith Follett with 679 awards.
5th maiuscolo with 474 awards.

News & Events

Keith Follett is the new Sort My Tiles Family Guy champion!
11:19, 25th May 2018
suzanb is the new Sort My Tiles Family Guy champion!
19:23, 19th May 2018
Keith Follett is the new Jump Jump champion!
10:44, 19th May 2018
Keith Follett is the new Wanted champion!
15:02, 15th May 2018
FancyFree is the new The Bridge Mahjong champion!
18:20, 14th May 2018

Latest Scores

FancyFree scored 5,840 playing Mahjong Connect
FancyFree scored 3,930 playing Mahjong Connect
Keith Follett scored 12,099 playing Micro Machines

  1. 10Gnomes Episode 04 Add to Favorites 10Gnomes Episode 04
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 10,729
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    10Gnomes Episode 04

    10Gnomes Episode 04 Episode4 in the 10Gnomes series, find 10 Gnomes in 10 minutes.
  2. spin and win Add to Favorites spin and win
    Champion Champion: Peter-Axel - 30,210
    Your high score: None
    Casino & Card Games

    spin and win

    spin and win See In The Game.",
  3. Ztar2 Add to Favorites Ztar2
    Champion Champion: Pacemin - 485
    Your high score: None


    Ztar2 Collect stars by forcing them to the bottom of the board.
  4. SpeedCluster v32 Add to Favorites SpeedCluster v32
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 28,180
    Your high score: None

    SpeedCluster v32

    SpeedCluster v32 Fast moving puzzle game, from the panel at the bottom place a consecutive number on top of one of the falling numbers, Ex:4 or 6 will go onto a number 5.
  5. BreakoutcC Add to Favorites BreakoutcC
    Champion Champion: gamer - 15,965
    Your high score: None


    BreakoutcC See The game
  6. Dolphin Olympics 2 Add to Favorites Dolphin Olympics 2
    Champion Champion: None, Play Now!
    Your high score: None

    Dolphin Olympics 2

    Dolphin Olympics 2 Jump out of the water as you do tricks and grab items that give you more height. Get high points.
  7. Hamster Race Add to Favorites Hamster Race
    Champion Champion: juancarloss - 1,365
    Your high score: None

    Hamster Race

    Hamster Race Race the hamster around the track
  8. Rocket Car Add to Favorites Rocket Car
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 16
    Your high score: None

    Rocket Car

    Rocket Car Drive the rocket car and advance through the levels
  9. Star Ball Add to Favorites Star Ball
    Champion Champion: gamer - 42,910
    Your high score: None

    Star Ball

    Star Ball Yet another twist on the classic game breakout.
  10. Soap Bubble Add to Favorites Soap Bubble
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 857
    Your high score: None

    Soap Bubble

    Soap Bubble Carefully navigate the treacherous cave system with a delicate soap bubble.

    Fight gravity and momentum and you may just make it to the end, as long as your afraid of everything.
  11. Sumo Snowman Add to Favorites Sumo Snowman
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 1,807
    Your high score: None

    Sumo Snowman

    Sumo Snowman Collect all snowmen equal or of lesser size
  12. Letter Scramble Add to Favorites Letter Scramble
    Champion Champion: mariedd - 6,890
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Letter Scramble

    Letter Scramble Rearrange the letters to form words.
  13. Ocean Bubble Add to Favorites Ocean Bubble
    Champion Champion: Pacemin - 27,500
    Your high score: None

    Ocean Bubble

    Ocean Bubble This game will take you deep down to the ocean bubbles! A funny game in which you have to guide, rotate and drop usergroup of bubbles on the stack. Create usergroup of four or more connected bubbles to make them pop!
  14. Zodiac Capricorn Mahjong Add to Favorites Zodiac Capricorn Mahjong
    Champion Champion: Peter-Axel - 55,100
    Your high score: None

    Zodiac Capricorn Mahjong

    Zodiac Capricorn Mahjong Mahjong is a game that comes from china. The Object is to clear all stones in the field, search for two simulair stones that are not connected to other stones. Pairs can be: two stones that are the same, two stones from the four seasons or two stones from the four flowers.
  15. Memory Madness Add to Favorites Memory Madness
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 1,070
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Memory Madness

    Memory Madness Simon like game maybe a little harder. depends how skilled you are
  16. Balloon Invasion Add to Favorites Balloon Invasion
    Champion Champion: None, Play Now!
    Your high score: None

    Balloon Invasion

    Balloon Invasion You are the commander of the anti-air defense in the area. The enemy is invading from the open sea with enormous battle groups of bomb-armed balloons. Win battles, gain experience, level up and use your commander points to gain access to upgrades and various weapons. The fate of your country is in your hands. Good luck, Commander!
  17. Hulk Smash Up Add to Favorites Hulk Smash Up
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 3,084,561
    Your high score: None

    Hulk Smash Up

    Hulk Smash Up Smash San Francisco to pieces.
  18. Garage Door Tennis Add to Favorites Garage Door Tennis
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 42
    Your high score: None

    Garage Door Tennis

    Garage Door Tennis You can aim the ball by hitting it with different parts of your racket.

  19. Music Path Add to Favorites Music Path
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 1
    Your high score: None

    Music Path

    Music Path Music Path
  20. Steinzeit Squash Add to Favorites Steinzeit Squash
    Champion Champion: Pacemin - 236
    Your high score: None

    Steinzeit Squash

    Steinzeit Squash Hit the stone as far as you can