Tournament Champion

Tasos with 2 wins.

Arcade Champions

1st Frisco - Belgie with 5588 awards.
2nd FancyFree with 2599 awards.
3rd gamer with 708 awards.
4th Keith Follett with 668 awards.
5th maiuscolo with 487 awards.

News & Events

maiuscolo is the new Swap Invaders champion!
04:40, 5th Jun 2020
FancyFree is the new Mah-jong Mayhem Set 3 champion!
08:04, 1st Jun 2020
maiuscolo is the new Hungry Box champion!
10:10, 26th May 2020
maiuscolo is the new Rebound champion!
01:44, 20th May 2020
maiuscolo is the new New York Defender champion!
05:57, 19th May 2020

Latest Scores

FancyFree scored 5,850 playing Mahjong Connect
maiuscolo scored 171,900 playing Swap Invaders

  1. The Pick Of Destiny Add to Favorites The Pick Of Destiny
    Champion Champion: None, Play Now!
    Your high score: None

    The Pick Of Destiny

    The Pick Of Destiny A rhythm flash game where you have to press the corresponding arrow key when it reaches the top.
  2. W.W2 Soldier v2 Add to Favorites W.W2 Soldier v2
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 8
    Your high score: None

    W.W2 Soldier v2

    W.W2 Soldier v2 Crack soldier in world war2. Every target counts.
  3. Word Grid Add to Favorites Word Grid
    Champion Champion: whisperwaffle - 2,600
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Word Grid

    Word Grid Do you consider yourself a master wordsmith. A superior speller. A vocabulary virtuoso. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Word Grid is the game for you. Use the provided grid of letters to make as many words as possible. The more combinations you can cram into the board, the more points you'll be awarded.
  4. JetPac Add to Favorites JetPac
    Champion Champion: Keith Follett - 19,200
    Your high score: None


    JetPac A remake of the classic ZX Spectrum game.
  5. Pixus Add to Favorites Pixus
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 13,424
    Your high score: None


    Pixus Pixus is an interesting puzzle draw game: Choose a color and draw lines in order to send blocks which will remove the pixels with the matching colors!
  6. Togy Ball Add to Favorites Togy Ball
    Champion Champion: maiuscolo - 17,439
    Your high score: None

    Togy Ball

    Togy Ball Play air hockey against the computer and be the first player to reach 21 points!
  7. Bubble Popper Marathon Add to Favorites Bubble Popper Marathon
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 20,628
    Your high score: None
    Puzzle & Logic

    Bubble Popper Marathon

    Bubble Popper Marathon Bubble Marathon
  8. These Three Guys Add to Favorites These Three Guys
    Champion Champion: None, Play Now!
    Your high score: None

    These Three Guys

    These Three Guys A simon type memory game, based on farts, belches, and coughs!
  9. Sea Monster Smoosh Add to Favorites Sea Monster Smoosh
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 0
    Your high score: None

    Sea Monster Smoosh

    Sea Monster Smoosh DigDug Adventure With SpongeBob.
  10. Delivery Dilemma Add to Favorites Delivery Dilemma
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 33,035
    Your high score: None

    Delivery Dilemma

    Delivery Dilemma Help Spongebob deliver ingredients to the Krusty Crab
  11. Jungle Jumble 2 Add to Favorites Jungle Jumble 2
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 0
    Your high score: None

    Jungle Jumble 2

    Jungle Jumble 2 Watch carefully to see where the items hide in the jungle, then find them all in order within the time limit.
  12. Squirrel Autumn 1min Add to Favorites Squirrel Autumn 1min
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 100
    Your high score: None

    Squirrel Autumn 1min

    Squirrel Autumn 1min Another in the squirrel series collecting nuts in the Autumn. 1 Minute version.
  13. Poker Drop Add to Favorites Poker Drop
    Champion Champion: maiuscolo - 17,507
    Your high score: None
    Casino & Card Games

    Poker Drop

    Poker Drop Poker Drop combines the fast action of Tetris with the card-playing logic of Poker.
  14. Image Disorder Katy Perry Add to Favorites Image Disorder Katy Perry
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 189
    Your high score: None
    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Image Disorder Katy Perry

    Image Disorder Katy Perry Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one. The quicker you are to complete, more score to your account.
  15. Bomb Jack Add to Favorites Bomb Jack
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 500
    Your high score: None

    Bomb Jack

    Bomb Jack Gather up all the bombs and coins.
  16. Yankee go Home Add to Favorites Yankee go Home
    Champion Champion: FancyFree - 3,952
    Your high score: None

    Yankee go Home

    Yankee go Home Boot a yankee out of your country.
  17. Shoot The Flies Add to Favorites Shoot The Flies
    Champion Champion: Frisco - Belgie - 93
    Your high score: None

    Shoot The Flies

    Shoot The Flies Shoot as many flies as you can.
  18. Bubble King Add to Favorites Bubble King
    Champion Champion: whisperwaffle - 63,870
    Your high score: None

    Bubble King

    Bubble King A quick highscore game. You have to guide the bubble king to collect the similar coloured gum to blow the biggest bubbles while avoiding bombs.
  19. Atomic Betty Add to Favorites Atomic Betty
    Champion Champion: Keith Follett - 52,660
    Your high score: None
    Action & Adventure

    Atomic Betty

    Atomic Betty Defend the universe
  20. Venza MahJongg 01 Add to Favorites Venza MahJongg 01
    Champion Champion: mariedd - 3,533
    Your high score: None

    Venza MahJongg 01

    Venza MahJongg 01 imply locate the matching tiles and find a way to clear them from the board as quickly as possible