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Thread: Spam Cleanup, Return To Game Processing, Plus Site Improvements
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    Spam Cleanup, Return To Game Processing, Plus Site Improvements

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    I have been hard at work all day working to remove all the spam posts that were cluttering up the site and in particular the glitches forum. Now that I have gotten that forum all cleaned up I can start to process the games that have accumulated in my absence and get the arcade moving forward again. I have also banned well over 100 users who were working to exploit / abuse games intentionally and pruned their scores from the games. Cheating is not something tolerated here, its one thing if the game glitches, but its a whole different story if your trying to hack the game intentionally.

    I also spent a bunch of time today working to improve the sites performance and fix minor bugs that had popped up over time. So the site should be running much better now than it has in a long time.

    I will provide more information later but right now I am exhausted after working for the last 18 hours to clean things up and fix issues that I had noticed but hadn't had time to fix fully.
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    Much appreciated!

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